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Guardian Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Precise display of body temperature is indicated in 1/2 degree temperature increments. Within 15 seconds the core temperature of the individual is indicated in easy-to-read windows.

  • Does not break
  • Available in Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • Indicates temperature in 15 seconds
  • Safe, no risk of Mercury spillage




1. Make sure the forehead is clean and dry.
2. Firmly apply onto the middle of the forehead, holding it at both ends, without touching numbers.
3. Wait until colors stop changing, usually 15-20 seconds.
4. READ THE GREEN COLOR ONLY. Disregard Blue and Tan colors.


What are Liquid crystals?They are the most thermally sensitive materials known, possessing a unique state of matter: the optical properties of both liquids and crystals. The colorful diffracting liquid crystals are cholesteric esters which change colors when their molecules, which are in a spiral structural form, are caused to change due to temperature variations. Such molecular movement results in visible color shifts which are evident to the eye.Research has shown that forehead temperatures closely follow internal, or “core” temperature movements. The central forehead is notably free of fat or obscuring and insulating tissue masses. Digital thermometers when placed on the forehead correspond directly to core temperature variations. Measuring from the surface allows you to quickly and easily determine any temperature trends.

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