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Epistax Balloon Catheter

The Epistax™ Epistaxis Balloon Catheter is available with or without an inflation syringe. The optional syringe is used to expand the balloons with normal saline. The volume of saline injected determines the size and pressure of the balloons, resulting in a controlled, uniform pressure to manage bleeding. The integral airway tube allows for nasal breathing while the balloons are inflated.

  • Made from soft, medical-grade silicone for patient comfort
  • Beveled posterior tip and soft silicone construction allow for easy placement and prevents adhesion for easy removal
  • Designed to control intranasal bleeding with a two-balloon epistaxis catheter
  • Small balloon controls posterior bleeding, large balloon controls anterior bleeding

RH-4200-01 97mm Double Balloon – 1 per package, 1 per box
RH-4220-01 97mm Double Balloon with 20cc syringe, 1 per package, 1 per box
RH-4400-01 120mm Double Balloon 1 per package, 1/box
RH-4420-01 120mm Double Balloon with 20 cc syringe, 1 per package, 1/box

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