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Otological Ventilation Tubes

All tubes are sterile and packed 10/box.


Shepard Design

      – Classic, popular grommet designed for easy insertion, adequate ventilation, and short term duration


TE-7007-CE, Fluoroplastic With wire to facilitate easy removal 1.0mm I.D
TE-7011-CE, Fluoroplastic With wire to facilitate easy removal 1.14mm I.D.
TE-7008-CE Fluoroplastic Without wire 1.0mm I.D.
TE-7014-CE Fluoroplastic Without wire 1.14mm I.D. 


Shah Design

      – Similar to Shepard design with extended tab or wire on outer flange to facilitate insertion. The addition of the “shoehorn” elongated tongue on inner flange allows for a smaller incision, easier insertion, and helps prevent early extrusion.


TE-7016-CE Polyethylene With Tab  1.0mm I.D. TE-7017-CE Fluoroplastic With Tab 1.14mm I.D.
Fluoroplastic With Wire  1.14mm I.D.


Donaldson Design

      – Popular ventilation tube due to it’s straightforward design which resists extrusion. Silicone material provides elasticity for ease of insertion. Available with or without integral tab.

TE-7024-CE Silicone With tab to facilitate easy removal 1.14mm I.D.
TE-7025-CE Silicone Without tab 1.14mm I.D.


Bevel Bobbin Design

      – Combining the best features of the Baxter Bevel Button and the Reuter Bobbin, the beveled shape resists occlusion and clears easily.

TE-7029-CE Fluoroplastic Without wire 1.14mm I.D.


Paparella Design

      – Unique design of notched inner flange facilitates insertion through simple “twist-in” motion
– Type I is stable for long-term implementation. Includes integral tab for removal with forceps.
– Type II is also a long-term design. It includes a large inner flange for ease of placement and a 1.5mm inner diameter to prevent blockage.

    Type I                                Type II

TE-7026-CE Silicone With integral tab 1.14mm I.D. TE-7076-CE Silicone With integral tab 1.42mm I.D.


Armstrong Design

      – Beveled inner flange is angled to fit the tympanic membrane and resist premature extrusion. Outer flange helps prevent migration to middle of ear. Used for long-term ventilation.

TE-7056-CE Polyethylene Grommet Type Short Shaft
1.1mm I.D.


T-Tube Design

      – Proven to be the most popular long-term tube. The T-flange and long shaft design keep the tube firmly positioned, giving the surgeon complete control over length of ventilation time. The silicone material allows soft flanges to collapse easily for introduction through a very small incision and safe and comfortable removal at any time. It can be easily trimmed to adapt to the surgeon’s needs and also features pre-trimmed T-tubes for convenience.


TE-7089-CE Silicone  Pre-trimmed, 8mm Length, 2mm Flanges 
1.14mm I.D.
TE-7091-CE Silicone Standard, 12mm Length, 4mm Flanges 
1.14mm I.D.


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