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Provita Smoke Hood

Technical Specifications

Provides 20 vital minutes of life-saving evacuation time.For use in aviation, marine or ground transportation, or high rise buildings.

1. Provita Smoke Hood comes easily out of it’s 8″x6″x1″ vacuum sealed bag ready for use. 2. There is no front or back. The Provita Smoke Hood can be put on quickly in an emergency.
– Gas impermeable charcoal filter
– Transparent, heat resistant Kapton
– Rubber seal at neck
– One size fits all
– Compact size: 8″ x 6″ x 1″
3. The neoprene rubber seal fits easily over your head and prevents smoke from entering. 4. The Provita Smoke Hood provides 360 degrees of vision and 20 minutes time to escape.

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